FAQ - www.jij.org.uk – Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered here please get in touch with the team!

How much will the Jamboree Cost

Particpants: £170 - which includes Badge and Necker ( A £50 not refundable deposit is required.)
Leaders: £70 - which includes a Necker
Staff: £70 - Which includes Staff Catering and a Necker


Do we need a nights away permit?

No. The Jamboree Camp Director nights away permit will cover any groups attending who do not have their own permit – so this is a great opportunity to arrange a camp for your section if you wouldn’t normally get to go away! However, please bear in mind that because of this the Jamboree is not suitable for nights away assessments.


Do we need to provide catering?

The catering is for staff only. Participants and leaders will need to bring food and can use local supermarkets.


Will we be able to drive to our site to unload

Before the event opens and after the event closes, weather permitting, vehicles will be allowed on site to unload kit and load up at the end. Vehicles will not be allowed on site during the Jamboree event itself. More details will be available nearer to the time.


Will there be a badge?


What about a necker?

you will be getting your very own camp necker.


Will the Jamboree be safe?

There is a dedicated Security Team which will provide 24 hour security on site. There will also be dedicated first aiders (as well as most Scout Leaders being first aid qualified). If anyone would like to see the folders and files full or risk assessments please do get in touch!!

Traffic management will be in place and there will be a parking management team in place.


Is the Jamboree just for Dorset Scouts?

Not at all! The Jamboree to be an International Jamboree attracting participants from around the world. There will also be an open day for those who fall outside the core age range.


How can we contact the Jamboree site during the event?

During the event, urgent contact with the site should be via Event Control.

For less urgent enquiries please email comms@jij.org.uk


Can we bring 2-way Radios to this event?

Two way radios are a useful tool for running activities and subcamps. However, it is important that their use on site is carefully co-ordinated.

The Scout Association’s Licensed Channels will all be in use over the weekend by the event team, and we therefore ask that you do not bring radios to use those channels.

If you have your own license to use different channels, then this may be possible but please check with the communications team first.

If you would like to bring PMR446 “walkie talkies” (ie the sort you can buy in Argos/Maplin and use without a license), again please check with the event team first as we will need to allocate you a channel. Generally channels will be only allocated to subcamps or activity providers and not to individual groups.